Workplace Safety Tips Every Employee Should Know

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Building contractors, factory workers, executives, architects and admins all need to protect themselves on the job. But what are the real and tangible risks associated with your job? What can you and your coworkers do to eliminate or at least substantially reduce risk of injury at the workplace?

Observe these four strategies to protect yourself and those around you:

1. Keep the work-space clear.

Clutter becomes invisible over time. It’s a sneaky workplace safety hazard that employees often overlook. Since you and your colleagues have less space to move in crowded spaces – and sharp or trip-inducing objects have more places to hide – the odds of an accident spike in sloppy environments. Eliminate clutter to reduce the risk of injury.

2. Watch for falling objects.

Keep books, equipment, glasses and other big pieces from causing personal injury by placing the heaviest items on lower shelves, keeping equipment away from surface edges and stacking materials carefully.

3. Be mindful of fire hazards.

Prevent fires by minimizing the amount of combustible materials in the work area and changing out of clothing contaminated with flammable liquids immediately. To facilitate a quick escape in case of fire, keep stairwells and passageways clear at all times.

4. Keep floors safe.

To prevent falls, keep floors clean and dry. Clean spills immediately and mark wet areas with clear, conspicuous signs.

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