How Accident Lawyers Determine Fault and Compensation in Multi-Car Pileups

Multi Car Accident Lawyer Helps You Understand Compensation in a Pileup


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An auto accident lawyer representing a client that’s involved in a multi-car accident case must first evaluate who is at fault. In order to construct a compelling case to obtain fair compensation for medical costs, lost work time and other damages, the attorney (and judge) must consider the following:

  • Weather conditions. Did slippery, wet roads or wind/dust contribute or cause the crash, for instance?
  • The speed of each driver. Relative to the conditions and those involved.
  • Possible reckless or careless driving. For instance, did any of the drivers follow too closely, fail to yield, or get distracted by cell phones or other devices? (Forensic clues, such as cell phone records from the time of the crash, can provide insight here.)
  • The presence of drugs or alcohol. Was there open alcohol or drug paraphernalia found in any of the vehicles? Did police provide BAC testing of the drivers?
  • Illegal driving behavior. Did any driver operate his or her car without a license or drive while under a suspended license?

A car accident lawyer must also evaluate whether contributory negligence played a role. In other words, did more than one driver contribute to or help cause the multi-car accident? If so, liability and damages will need to be fairly apportioned. If you contributed to what happened, your potential compensation can be reduced dramatically.

Determining Compensation

Compensation in a multi-car pileup depends on the following conditions:

  • The extent of the injuries you and other parties incurred.
  • The extent and cost of any medical care needed, both in the immediate wake of the crash and over the long term (e.g. chiropractic work needed to treat neck and shoulder pain).
  • The amount of emotional and psychological damage suffered.
  • Whether any driver behaved in a truly careless or negligent fashion – e.g. drove under the influence of drugs or alcohol, drove at a very high rate of speed for weather conditions, cut across multiple lanes of traffic on the freeway without putting on a turn signal, etc.
  • The results of any police or forensic investigation into the crash.

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