San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been in a pedestrian accident, turn to a trusted attorney


When it comes to pedestrians and cars, the car will be the winner. As a pedestrian, you are vulnerable every time you cross a street or walk on sidewalks or busy roads. If you’ve been hit by a car, bus, or truck, seek immediate medical attention and call the law offices of Daniel Vega.

Who is at fault?
Pedestrian accidents are not as straightforward as one might think. Walking through a crosswalk, riding on a bike path, or jogging on a road can turn into a complex legal case that requires multiple factors when determining fault. As an experienced lawyer, Daniel Vega has successfully worked on pedestrian cases, and he and his team will track down negligent or responsible parties, witnesses, property owners, and insurers to make sure you receive the medical care you need.

In urban areas, pedestrians are always at risk
The Bay Area is a crowded place. Taxis, CalTrain, BART, heavy traffic, cyclists, and motorcycles are all potential “weapons” when you are a pedestrian. If there is any  question about liability if you’ve been hit while on the street, Attorney Daniel Vega will track down critical pieces of evidence, including traffic light sequences, historical intersection accident data, and witness testimony.

Why should you work with Attorney Daniel Vega?
There are thousands of Bay Area attorneys who are “accident specialists,” so why should you choose Daniel Vega to represent your case? Daniel Vega has represented numerous pedestrian accident victims, and he will provide personal service, including coming directly to your location—even your home or the hospital. He is meticulous about evidence, insurance details, and finding witnesses. If you’ve been injured, you can focus on getting well and be confident that Daniel Vega will get you the settlement you deserve. The team at the law offices of Daniel Vega will fight for a full and fair settlement, and they’ll represent you in pre-trial negotiations and a trial.

After a pedestrian accident, time is of the essence. Call today!
If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian auto accident, Contact the Law Offices of Daniel Vega today at (415) 287-6200.

What should you do if you’ve been in a pedestrian accident?

Contact the Police immediately
The first step, if you’re able to, is to call the police. California law requires that the police file a report.

Attempt to get the name, address and phone number of any witness to the accident.

Medical Treatment
Get prompt medical treatment at an emergency hospital or medical clinic. Make sure you tell the doctor about any complaints and injuries you have as a result of the accident. Remember that some internal injuries may not show up immediately.

Pay no upfront fees when you work with the law offices of Daniel Vega.
When you work with Daniel Vega, you will pay no upfront fees and will receive a free consultation. We’ll make sure you are treated fairly and receive just compensation after a pedestrian accident.

Contact the Law Offices of Daniel Vega today at (415) 287-6200. Serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area, including Oakland, San Jose and nearby Bay Area cities.

Serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area, including Oakland, San Jose and nearby Bay Area cities.