Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney


Have you been in a motorcycle accident? If so, you need an experienced, trusted attorney. Right away.

If you have been in an accident while driving your motorcycle, Attorney Daniel Vega and his experienced team will represent you to make sure you are fully covered and receive just compensation.

Motorcycle accidents often cause serious injuries to the motorcyclist, and they can leave you with expensive hospital bills and disable you from returning to work. If you are in an accident, Daniel Vega will fight for your legal rights to ensure that you are protected.

Motorcycle accidents are complex and require a skilled legal team

Often, motorcyclists don’t have the same amount of insurance coverage as car drivers, so in order to be fully protected, you need a skilled attorney who can carefully review your accidental injury policy and get you the coverage that will fully cover your hospital bills.

We advise that you carefully document any and all injuries following a motorcycle accident and receive prompt medical care.

How the Law Offices of Daniel Vega will help you

When you work with our team, we’ll:

  • Ensure you receive proper medical treatment for your injuries
  • Obtain compensation for your lost wages
  • Review all available sources of insurance
  • Negotiate directly with the insurance companies
  • Investigate your accident
  • Obtain evidence, including witness statements, photographs, and expert opinions
  • Evaluate police, investigation and operator reports
  • Have a medical expert obtain and evaluate medical records
  • Seek reimbursement for your medical bills and other expenses related to your accident
  • Negotiate your claim in order to achieve a successful result for you
  • Have an expert analyze any long-term financial needs, future wage loss, or medical care

Don’t delay—call our team today

The law offices of Daniel Vega will act quickly and work closely with you to ensure you are taken care of after a motorcycle accident. We understand how frightening and traumatic a motorcycle accident can be. Don’t delay. Contact the Law Offices of Daniel Vega today at (415) 287-6200.

Here is a great checklist to use if you are in a SF Bay Area motorcycle accident.

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