Oakland Lawyer on All-To-Often Overlooked Business Etiquette Rules

Oakland Lawyer Shares Simple Etiquette Tips for Business Professionals

Oakland Lawyer Business Etiquette Rules

Navigating the do’s and don’ts of today’s business environment can be tricky and counter-intuitive. Dialogue and dress that might have been acceptable decades ago may come off as stodgy or even offensive in today’s offices. At the same time, being too formal can alienate coworkers or clients, especially those who operate slick, progressive Silicon Valley tech companies run by elegantly modest figures in the mold of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs.

San Francisco lawyers at the Law Offices of Daniel Vega believe that office etiquette is founded on being respectful and courteous to others. To earn respect, you must give respect, so here are a few etiquette rules to consider:

Dress appropriately for the occasion. Learn the difference between business, business casual and resort casual. When in doubt, ask someone you trust for advice, or look at company photos from past events to see what was acceptable.

Introduce yourself with your full name and other pertinent information, such as your job title or the area of the company where you work. This information helps the other person understand your role in the business and facilitates a productive conversation. (Better to err on the side of being square in professional, social situations.)

Initiate the handshake if you are the host of the meeting or the highest ranking person in the group. Shake hands firmly, and don’t turn it into a wrestling match or offer limp fingers either.

Use the speakerphone sparingly. Respect those around you, and protect the privacy of the person speaking with you. You never know when a business call might reveal a trade secret or other private information. If you work in a cubicle, this is one behavior that can really irk those around you.

Mind your own business. In an office of cubicles, people have little privacy. Don’t exacerbate the problem by jumping into conversations you overhear. Respect others’ space and time, and they’ll respect yours.

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