Bay Area Accident Attorney Discusses Compensation for On-the-Job Accidents

San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney Addresses Worker’s Compensation Claims

Bay Area Accident Attorney

After an on-the-job accident in the Bay Area, you could be eligible for compensation beyond a worker’s compensation claim. Even though worker’s compensation generally prevents individuals from suing an employer for additional compensation, in many cases, other parties may be liable in an accident. If you believe a third party caused your injury, speak to a personal injury lawyer.

Consider these factors that may impact your ability to seek compensation:

  • Defective products. Defective parts can play a role in machine malfunctioning and car accidents. If an investigation turns up evidence of a defect, you could receive compensation through a product liability claim.
  • A third party caused or was involved in a company car accident. Auto accidents cause on-the-job injuries throughout the U.S. Talk to a Bay Area car accident attorney if you were in an accident that another person caused. A lawsuit against that party or against that party’s insurer could yield the damages you deserve.
  • Intentionally harmful conduct. In some cases, you can bring a lawsuit against your employer, even though you are receiving workers’ compensation. An attorney may advise you to seek legal action against any employer who behaved in an extremely negligent or careless fashion. (For instance: a construction foreman allowed you and your team to work on a site made extremely slippery by an oil spill, and you got hurt.

Get Help Early from a Bay Area Accident Attorney

Don’t face an on-the-job injury alone. An auto accident lawyer or product liability lawyer can help determine the best legal action for your workplace injury. Learn about the options you have to obtain compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, time off of work and other related damages. Contact the Vega Law Team today at (415) 287-6200 to learn about your rights so you can receive the compensation you deserve.