San Francisco Harassment Lawyer Discusses Positive Workplace Relationships

Appropriate Office Behavior and Etiquette Tips from Bay Area Lawyer


Over the years, Bay Area workplace etiquette has changed dramatically, and harassment claims have become an increasingly common occurrence. The workplace is supposed to be a calm and constructive environment, but that atmosphere of positivity can be degraded quickly, if employees fail to follow workplace etiquette standards. Additionally, managers need to set positive examples and enforce company, state, and federal rules in a prompt and effective manner. Avoid a harassment claim at your business by considering these battle-tested tips from an experienced San Francisco employment lawyer.

Respect Personal Space
Some people are naturally inclined to hug, while others don’t like being touched at all. Determining the appropriateness (or lack thereof) of physical contact at the office comes down to an ability to read people. A harassment lawyer would advise that you teach your employees the following: if you’re in doubt, it’s better to keep your hands to yourself. Be in tune with others, and respect their personal space.

Be Considerate in Common Spaces
Establish rules for using and sharing mutual space, so your employees have clear direction. For instance, some rules you might establish could include:

  • Treat the bathroom and break room like you would a room in your own home.
  • Clean up after yourself and pitch in once in a while.
  • If the toilet paper is out, replenish it.
  • Don’t leave old lunches in the office refrigerator.
  • Use common sense and be considerate of the spaces you share.

Tone It Down
When your employees are on the phone or working, they should keep the volume down to a reasonable level. Make it clear that everyone has a job to do; loud noises or phone conversations break concentration. Likewise, when you’re conversing with another employee, don’t gossip. Most importantly, and an increasingly prevalent problem experienced by a San Francisco attorney, don’t publicly rant about coworkers on Facebook or other social media.

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