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San Francisco Harassment Lawyer Discusses Positive Workplace Relationships

Appropriate Office Behavior and Etiquette Tips from Bay Area Lawyer


Over the years, Bay Area workplace etiquette has changed dramatically, and harassment claims have become an increasingly common occurrence. The workplace is supposed to be a calm and constructive environment, but that atmosphere of positivity can be degraded quickly, if employees fail to follow workplace etiquette standards. Additionally, managers need to set positive examples and enforce company, state, and federal rules in a prompt and effective manner. Avoid a harassment claim at your business by considering these battle-tested tips from an experienced San Francisco employment lawyer. Continue reading

Workplace Discrimination: The Gender Pay Gap

Harassment and Discrimination in the Bay Area

Countless statistical analyses show that women earn less than men at work. Why does this gender pay gap exist? What can be done about it? At what point should you seek an employment lawyer about a wage and hour or Fair Labors Standards Act (FLSA) case? Continue reading

All About Workers’ Compensation

Employment Law and Workplace Injury

The Bay Area workers’ compensation system evolved over 100 years ago, as a “grand bargain” between employers and workers. Prior to workers’ comp, injured employees had to sue their bosses in court to collect money for their medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. This system led to tremendous inequalities and frustrations on both sides. Workers’ comp allowed hurt workers get a fair deal without having to resort to extraordinary legal measures; and it helped employers avoid expensive and frustrating court battles. Continue reading

What to do in a Hostile Work Environment

Do You need a San Francisco Harassment Lawyer?

You spend a great deal of time at work and in the office, and your work environment is less than ideal, by a long stretch. Perhaps you’re looking for an employment attorney to discuss a scary or disarming incident — a boss’s rude comment, perhaps, or a co-worker’s unwanted sexual advance. Or maybe you’re just generally fatigued by what you perceive to be a toxic workplace culture or miffed by a “glass ceiling” at your firm. In any case, here’s some key, basic information about hostile workplaces.

Continue reading