Workplace Discrimination: The Gender Pay Gap

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Countless statistical analyses show that women earn less than men at work. Why does this gender pay gap exist? What can be done about it? At what point should you seek an employment lawyer about a wage and hour or Fair Labors Standards Act (FLSA) case?

Oakland harassment lawyerAccording to Harvard University Labor Economist, Claudia Goldin, the biggest pay gaps between the genders happen within occupations. In other words, it’s not just that women tend to take jobs that pay less than men do (e.g. nursing, hospitality, etc.). As Goldin puts it “there is a belief, which is just not true, the women are just in bad occupations, and if we just put them in better occupations, we would solve the gender gap problem.”

Among well paid professions, like financial experts, surgeons, pilots, accountant, judges and economists, the pay gap is actually bigger than it is in other, lower paying occupations. According to Dr. Goldin, if you put women into higher paying jobs, that act would only solve 15% of the pay gap. Women in the financial services industry, for instance, earn just 66% (on average) of what their male counterparts earn.

While some workplace cultures are toxic, know that there are many federal and state laws in place to protect your rights. If you feel like you’ve been a target of workplace discrimination based on gender, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Employment and gender discrimination can be difficult to address so speaking with an experienced employment law attorney can help you to pursue a proper course of action.

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