Car Accident Personal Injury Protection

San Francisco Injury Attorney Explains Importance of PIP Insurance

san francisco accident lawyerFew occasions are more frightening or dangerous than a car accident. Regardless of who is at fault, these collisions often lead to extensive injuries or death. Insurance doesn’t always cover the expenses related to such misfortunes, resulting in financial difficulty.

When seeking the services of an injury lawyer to recoup the costs of their own or family members’ injuries, many consumers discover personal injury protection insurance could have protected them from these expenses.

Although most drivers carry car insurance at the liability level or above, they may not realize their policies won’t cover them in no-fault accidents or other scenarios when auto insurance companies refuse to pay the bills.

Not only does personal injury protection (PIP) fill in this gap, but it also provides additional coverage for expenses such as:

  • Rehabilitation services. Recovering from an injury may take several months or years. PIP ensures patients can afford rehabilitation treatments as long as they need them.
  • Lost wages. Missing work due to a car accident can have a devastating effect on individual and family finances, but PIP replaces this income.
  • Childcare. Injured parties unable to care for their children receive assistance with childcare expenses.
  • Funeral costs. Should a policy holder die in a car accident, PIP will help with costs related to funerals and burials.

Seek a San Francisco Lawyer Immediately

If you have been injured in a car accident, a car accident attorney can help you navigate the complicated details of liability insurance, PIP, and more. Contact the Law Offices of Daniel Vega, a respected California car accident lawyer, at (415) 287-6200 immediately to discuss your legal options.