Preventing a Rainy Day Bay Area Car Accident

Safe Driving Tips From A Bay Area Accident Attorney

The Bay Area auto accident attorneys here at the Law Offices of Daniel Vega are passionate about making sure that drivers stay safe and avoid dangerous interactions on the road. Here are several battle-tested strategies for how to navigate rainy weather driving.

San Francisco Car Accident AttorneyWhen it rains, immediately switch into “safe weather driving mode.”

Turn down the radio, avoid talking on your cell phone (even on a hands-free headset), leave extra room between your car and the vehicle in front of you, and minimize the total amount of driving that you do. If you need to go to work, avoid excessive work-related driving. If you’re planning a trip into wine country for a getaway — and it’s soaking conditions across the whole region — consider deferring your trip until the weather clears up.

Get into “wet weather driving mode,” even when the weather isn’t “that bad.”

The initial rainfall that hits the roads within 30 minutes or 45 minutes after a long dry spell creates a serious hazard. The fresh water creates a super slick emulsion by mixing with tar, grease, debris and sand, creating conditions that can cause your vehicle to skid out or hydroplane easily. In other words, the roads don’t have to be totally flooded to present major dangers.

Make sure your car’s components are “up to snuff” – i.e. that they can handle the weather.

Your windshield wipers should be properly installed and appropriate for your vehicle. Your tires should have enough treading, traction and pressure to be safe. And your brakes and steering systems should also “good to go” for the weather.

Finally, if you have been in a wet weather accident, analyze what caused it.

Call A San Francisco Car Accident Lawyer

Ideally, you want to avoid the same kind of crash (or the same circumstances that led to the crash). For help obtaining compensation after a wet weather car accident, call the team here at the Law Offices of Daniel Vega today to set up a free consultation: 415-287-6200.