Pedestrian Safety: What You Need to Know

Preventing Pedestrian Personal Injury Accidents

Personal Injury AttorneyAlthough an increasing number of individuals avoid walking in favor of driving, cycling, or using public transportation, pedestrians continue to comprise a significant percentage of individuals on or near roadways. When Bay Area drivers strike pedestrians, the consequences can be devastating.

Many injury attorneys in San Francisco have worked with clients who have sustained injuries or suffered losses due to vehicle-pedestrian collisions. From broken bones to internal injuries to head trauma, the outcomes of such accidents are a reminder of the importance of pedestrian safety.

When walking in the Oakland area or beyond, pedestrian safety measures include:

1. Crossing carefully. Cross only at designated crosswalks, and wait for the “Walk” light (if available).

2. Increasing visibility. At night, reflective clothing and a flashlight help drivers see pedestrians more clearly.

3. Using sidewalks. When provided, sidewalks are the safest place for pedestrians. If the street is the only option, walk facing oncoming traffic.

4. Watching drivers. Before crossing an intersection, observe drivers waiting to turn, in case they fail to yield.

5. Walking sober. Public intoxication often correlates with a higher risk to pedestrians. Avoid excessive drinking, call a cab, or walk with a sober friend to help you stay safe.

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