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Pedestrian Safety: What You Need to Know

Preventing Pedestrian Personal Injury Accidents

Personal Injury AttorneyAlthough an increasing number of individuals avoid walking in favor of driving, cycling, or using public transportation, pedestrians continue to comprise a significant percentage of individuals on or near roadways. When Bay Area drivers strike pedestrians, the consequences can be devastating. Continue reading

Tips to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents and Injury

The personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Daniel Vega are deeply invested in helping to reduce the pedestrian accident rate here in the Bay Area. Whether you recently got injured in a crash at an intersection – due to driver error, jaywalking, or an unusual combination of factors – or you’re just looking to improve your safe walking IQ, here are 3 tips to memorize. Continue reading

Northern California Pedestrian Accidents and Rights: Regaining Clarity After a Crash

Whether a careless Bay Area driver blitzed through a red light and hit you in a crosswalk, or you broke your leg after jaywalking across a busy intersection, you need to understand your rights and potential legal remedies as a victimized pedestrian. Depending on who hit you and how the accident occurred, you may be entitled to substantial compensation to pay for your lost time at work, medical bills and therapy, and even punitive damages. Continue reading