Crucial Mistake to Avoid After a San Francisco Auto Accident

Release of Liability Discussed with a San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer

Bay Area Car Accident Lawyer

If you were in an auto accident in the Bay Area, and you decide to settle your lawsuit against another driver, you will probably have to sign a document called a release of liability. These legal documents can be difficult to understand if you do not have a legal background or training, and the implications for signing a release can be profound. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you review the information in the release and avoid making a mistake which could make obtaining adequate compensation for your claim difficult, or even impossible.

While your best avenue is discussing your situation with a Bay Area accident lawyer make sure at the very least you take note of the following advice.

  • Don’t sign a release that contains broad language, such as statements that you will not bring claims against “any other person,” if you think that in the future you may want to sue another person involved in the accident. If you do sign such a release, the courts may not allow you to proceed with a future lawsuit.
  • Don’t sign a release that contains vague or unclear statements. The release of liability should clearly spell out the nature and terms of any agreement. A court could interpret the vague statements in a way that is different from what you thought the statements meant, and that could put you at a disadvantage.
  • Don’t sign a release until you’ve clearly and carefully explored all your legal options. Avoid underestimating your potential damages and future hardships. If you require ongoing medical treatment or assessment this is particularly important.

This is by no means a comprehensive guide to analyzing what can be extremely convoluted and complex documents, we merely mean to call attention to a few of the important reasons to discuss your case with an experienced Bay Area personal injury lawyer prior to signing a legally binding document.

Consult a Bay Area Attorney Promptly After a Major Traffic Accident

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you understand the language in release of liability documents and can advise you about whether or not to sign. Call our team to schedule a free and confidential consultation about what to do next about your Bay Area accident. Daniel Vega, your knowledgeable San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer, can be reached at (415) 287-6200 or send your information and a brief explanation of your case from our Contact Page and we will contact you.