Accident Lawyer’s Reminders for Back to School Safety

Avoiding Back to School Legal Issues with a Bay Area Personal Injury Attorney


Whether you’re the parent of a Bay Area high school student or a young child getting ready for her first day of Kindergarten in San Jose, you’re simultaneously excited and nervous about sending your kids back to school. Below are some timely reminders to protect yourself and shield your kids from harm this year.

1. Be aware of truancy laws.

All states have truancy laws that penalize parents when children miss school. Get to know California’s laws, and explain them to your kids to avoid problems. If your teenagers are skipping school or even skipping classes, be empathetic, and listen to them. Find out why they are missing or skipping classes, and work with them, based on their insights into their behavior, to solve the root problem.

2. Be prepared for injuries.

Playground accidents and concussions caused by hard tackles on the gridiron send thousands of children to Bay Area emergency rooms every year. If a coach put player with a head injury back into the game without ensuring that a concussion was ruled out or an Oakland elementary school child slipped off the monkey bars and knocked out his two front teeth, the school (or school officials) could be liable, and a Bay Area personal injury lawyer may be able to assist you in seeking compensation for their injuries.

3. Talk to your kids about drugs.

Empathize with your children when you  about the dangers of drinking alcohol and taking drugs. Address drinking and driving specifically, and let your kids know that they shouldn’t be riding with anyone who is intoxicated, either. If an accident does occur, consult a personal injury attorney to discuss the situation.

4. Obey school zone laws.

Bay Area school zones have lower speed limits when children are present. Obey these limits at all times, and watch for children as you drive through the area. If you are involved in an incident in a school zone, contact a local Bay Area accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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