Child Accidents Increase During Spring and Summer Months

San Francisco Injury Lawyer Shares Safety Tips

Oakland Attorney Shares Childhood Accident Prevention TipsAs a Bay Area parent, you spend a lot of time and thought to keep your children safe. As the weather starts to warm up, what should you do (and not do) to stay vigilant? Unfortunately, statistics suggests that spring brings an increase in child accidents. Why is this? What can you do to avoid adding to those statistics? What should you do if your child has already been hurt in a bike crash, sports accident, or a similar scary event?

In spring, the number of children injured in pedestrian and swimming accidents increases. Most child pedestrian accidents occur around school hours and in the evening around rush hour. Swimming accidents often happen in the absence of supervision or because of a safety hazard. Talk with a Bay Area personal injury lawyer to learn more about liability in pedestrian and swimming accidents during spring and throughout the year.

Keep your children safe this year with these tips:

  • While escorting a child on the sidewalk, walk on his or her side closest to traffic.
  • Teach your children to always hold an adult’s hand while crossing the street.
  • Install appropriate fencing and self-latching gates around any pool areas.
  • Always supervise young children around water.
  • Pay attention to any “near misses” – situations that almost (but don’t) lead to injuries, and learn lessons from these observations.
  • Feed your children a healthy diet low in sugar and processed carbs so they are alert and have energy to play safe.

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