When an Injury Attorney Can Help in a Car Accident Case

How to Ensure Just Compensation with Help from a Bay Area Injury Attorney

San Francisco car accident lawyer

Whether a truck lurched into your lane on the 101, or some teenager texting on his mobile phone plowed into you at an intersection, you’re confused, overwhelmed and possibly even physically traumatized by the crash. In the wake of what happened, you may find yourself stunned and wondering what to do next. Should you call an auto accident lawyer, or should you just deal with this on your own with the other driver and the insurance company?

Although you may want the ordeal to be over, assuming the accident wasn’t obviously trivial, you should always consult a car accident attorney, especially if the crash resulted in injuries or property damage.

A qualified Bay Area personal injury attorney will have experience dealing with these types of cases and a familiarity with the complex relevant laws and common tactics insurance companies use to get out of paying fair and adequate compensation. Your attorney can also put your mind at ease and help you understand your options. Whether you need to file a lawsuit or battle an insurance company for an appropriate settlement, your attorney can be an ally to help you through the process.

Before contacting an injury attorney, collect as much information as you can about the accident in order to increase your chances of winning the case or reaching a settlement. Take pictures of the scene and the damage, collect the names and addresses of any witnesses and keep detailed records of all related expenses including any medical bills, time you were unable to work, expenses related to alternate transportation, etc.

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Don’t Wait to Contact a San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

It’s imperative that you don’t wait to get insight into your potential case, since critical evidence from the scene may be difficult to obtain, and key witnesses may soon forget what they saw. Call the experienced, qualified Vega Law team today at (415) 287-6200 for guidance now or contact us from our website and we will contact you to discuss your case as soon as possible.