Bay Area Car Accident Injury Checklist

What to do if Injured in a San Francisco Auto Accident

Almost every personal injury attorney in the Bay Area will tell you that the first hours after a car accident are the most pivotal, both medically and legally speaking. 

Highway fender bender

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If you or a loved one was recently in a wreck, use this checklist to begin to get a handle on what you need to do and when you need to do it.


  • First, deal with urgent medical situations, including broken bones or lacerations sustained. Some injuries – such as concussions – may not be readily obvious. Be on the safe side, and get a medical evaluation.
  • Take photographs – with a cell phone or camera – of all injuries, such as wounds, blood, etc., and photograph the crash scene as well.
  • Collect any information you can from the scene, including police statements, witness statements, and license and identification info from other drivers involved.
  • Do not assume that your accident is “minor.” Some damage is latent (such as concussions). The shock of an accident itself can also cause a surge of hormones and neurotransmitters that can block the body from receiving pain. So you might feel numb or okay the first few hours or days after the crash…but then develop awful pain later.

Other Important To Do Items

  • If you have medical or doctor’s bills, use your medical insurance.
  • Document everything that happens to you, such as medical care received, changes in emotional and physical states, etc.
  • If your car has been towed, remove it from the tow yard – or find someone to remove it for you – so you don’t rack up major fees.
  • Tell your employer that you cannot work, and make other arrangements regarding childcare, etc.
  • Do not provide any information to an insurance adjuster until you connect with a Bay Area auto accident lawyer.

Consulting a Bay Area Personal Injury Attorney

Every car crash case has unique features, and an experienced accident attorney can investigate your case thoroughly to identify its subtleties. Find out more about what to do about your Bay Area car accident by getting in touch with the Law Offices of Daniel Vega. Call or email us now to schedule a free consultation.