Slips, Trips and Falls: When Can an Injury Lawyer Prove Fault?

An Injury Lawyer Can Help Determine if You Have a Case


Whether you want to speak with a Bay Area injury lawyer to discuss your mother’s recent fall at a restaurant, or you tripped on a rickety staircase in your office building and broke your leg, you’d like to know what an attorney needs to in order to prove that someone or some business was at fault.

First of all, property owners or landlords are not always legally liable for hazards on the premises. Just because you slipped on a greasy restaurant kitchen floor, for instance, doesn’t mean that you can successfully sue the restaurant. Owners and landlords have defined duties of care to visitors. In general, your injury attorney will need to show that the landlord, the owner or an employee created the hazard, such as a spill, a bunched up rug or an upturned drainage grate. The attorney also needs to show that that person knew about this problem but didn’t take effective action to fix it or to identify the hazard to visitors.

To win a negligence claim, the personal injury lawyer often must prove that the owner did not engage in reasonable management of the property. For instance, the property owner left an open grate near the bathroom without a warning sign for over a week — to the point that even the employees joked about the hazard. Alternatively, the owner allowed the premises to become disheveled — for instance, failed to fix busted lighting or a leaky dishwasher.

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