Bay Area Lawyer Discusses Harassment, Bullying, and Title IX Protections

Title IX is an Important Resource for Students, Parents, and Harassment Lawyers


Title IX is a federal law that affects all areas of education, including recruitment, admissions, and what happens in classrooms. Per this crucial law, students, teachers and others in the system are granted protections from sexual harassment or bullying due to sex or gender identity. If protections are not upheld it is crucial that an injury lawyer is consulted to ensure those involved have an understanding of the law, what it means, and how they can rectify the problem.

The Scope and Scale of the Problem

According to a The Margaret Fund of the National Womens Law Center, eight in ten students experience harassment during their school years and a quarter of those who experience harassment endure it on a regular basis. Additionally a surprising shift has occurred, whereas 56% of girls and 40% of boys reported harassment in 1993 today more often it is boys who report being sexually harassed at school.

Remedies Available

Among other things, Title IX requires schools that receive federal education funding to evaluate their existing policies, adopt a policy that addresses sex discrimination, and create procedures that students can utilize to find help in addressing the problem. If they experience harassment and the institution fails to stop the harassment the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is responsible for addressing a school’s failure to comply with Title IX, and you can file a complaint with the OCR online, but it is highly recommended that you first discuss your options with a harassment lawyer to explore your options.

If you cannot find legal representation specializing in harassment a personal injury lawyer will often also have experience with harassment law and Title IX.

The Law Office of Daniel Vega Provides Free Consultations for Harassment Cases

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