The App That Could Prevent Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents

BikeShield Hopes to Reduce Accidents in San Francisco and other Top Bicyclist Metros


When you’re riding your bike or motorcycle in the Bay Area, especially on our famous crooked and steep streets, you are always on high alert (or at least, you should be!). Since they can be difficult to see, these small vehicles are more vulnerable to accidents. Before you know it, you’re hit by an oncoming driver who “never saw you coming,” seriously injured and in search of an Oakland personal injury lawyer. What tools are there to help you protect yourself?

A new smartphone app has been designed that aims to serve as a critical early warning system to protect bicyclists and motorcycles from accidents and give riders a new tool to increase their awareness of their surroundings.

How It Works

The application, which is called “BikeShield,” works by alerting drivers when they are close to another user who is riding a bicycle or motorcycle. The application runs in the background on the user’s mobile phone and becomes active once the vehicle begins to move.

With this application, drivers are alerted to the presence of riders about 5-10 seconds before they can be seen, thus decreasing the likelihood of an accident that may warrant the involvement of a San Francisco bicycle accident lawyer. The app is free to both drivers and riders. In order for the app to be effective people will have to use it… the more people that use the app the safer roads could potentially be. The application also suggests safest routes for cyclists to take using the information that users provide.

An App Won’t Be Enough If You Need a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Even with BikeShield available, accidents are still going to happen. If you have been involved in a bicycle or motorcycle accident, seek counsel from a qualified San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyer. Before speaking with an insurance adjuster or trying to settle your case yourself, call Vega Law at 415.287.6200 to understand and protect your rights to fair compensation. We have the skills and track record to help you obtain the results you need.