What Are The Most Important Bike Laws In California?

San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney Discusses Top California Bike Laws

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Under most California bicycle laws, cyclists are usually treated the same way as vehicle operators. The California Vehicle Code contains state laws that specify how and where bikes should operate. This means that as a cyclist, you are required to obey stop signs, lane discipline, traffic laws, as well as DUI laws. In addition, you must ensure that your bicycle is in good condition, and have knowledge of California bicycle laws. That being said, what are the most important bike laws in California? Our San Francisco accident attorney discusses the rules that you need to know.

Wear a Helmet
All cyclists under the age of 18 years are required to wear a helmet when cycling. The bicycle helmet law is actually one of the most important bicycle laws in California since a minor accident without a helmet could lead to life threatening brain related injuries.

Don’t Drink and Ride
Just like any other motorists, bicyclists are not allowed to ride when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If found riding under the influence, then you risk being charged with DUI which will attract huge fines, being jailed or in some instances, both may apply.

Ride on the Right Side of the Road
When riding your bike, you are required to use the right bike lane except when making a left turn, avoiding hazardous conditions, or when approaching a place where right turn is authorized. You are also required to travel on the right side of the road in the direction of traffic except when you are making a legal left turn, when the right side of the road is closed, when riding on one way street or when the road that you are riding on is too narrow.

Use Reflectors at Night
When riding your bike at night, you are required to wear a reflector so that other motorists and pedestrians can see you. Your reflector must be visible from both the front and the back. Your bicycle must also have a white headlight that is visible from the front.

Yield to Pedestrians and Stop At (Not In) the Crosswalk
Crosswalks are for pedestrians, not bicycles or cars. Bicyclists must yield to pedestrians, and care for their safety, even if they are not using the crosswalk.

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