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What Are The Most Important Bike Laws In California?

San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney Discusses Top California Bike Laws

bike lane in san francisco

Under most California bicycle laws, cyclists are usually treated the same way as vehicle operators. The California Vehicle Code contains state laws that specify how and where bikes should operate. This means that as a cyclist, you are required to obey stop signs, lane discipline, traffic laws, as well as DUI laws. In addition, you must ensure that your bicycle is in good condition, and have knowledge of California bicycle laws. That being said, what are the most important bike laws in California? Our San Francisco accident attorney discusses the rules that you need to know. Continue reading

California Bicycle Accident Law: Surprisingly Easy To Violate!

Whether you or a loved one was hurt by a car or truck, or you are the victim of a California bicycle accident, you are probably not up to speed on the Golden State’s bicycle laws.

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, bicycles are classified as vehicles in the State of California. Cyclists get a lot of the same rights as motorists do… but they also have a lot of the same responsibilities. The law does not treat cyclists and motorists identically, though. Continue reading