San Francisco Employment Lawyer Reviews 2013 California Labor Laws

Important Laws for Bay Area Employers and Employees

One of the challenges that any San Francisco employment lawyer faces is the challenge of educating clients about ever-changing legal rules.

On January 1, 2013, a variety of new laws went into effect in the Golden State. They pertain to diverse areas, including worker access to records, employee social media, and anti-discrimination issues. The 2013 laws also specifically impact farm labor and temp employees.

California State Labor Laws

By Devin Cook (Own work) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

An intriguing new law is AB 1844, which prevents bosses from asking employees (or applicants) for passwords and usernames for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. (During certain investigations, an employer may be able to bypass this prohibition.)

AB 2386 also went into effect. This law is meant to protect breastfeeding moms.

AB 1964 makes it clear that people who wear certain religious dress — or who groom themselves for religious reasons — are protected from discrimination.

AB 1675 is already having a pretty profound effect on California’s agricultural industry. When farm labor contractors fail to license their employees, they obviously get in trouble. Violating your contract requirements can earn you a jail sentence of up to six months, for instance.

AB 1675 makes the consequences even worse for violators, who can now be subject to civil penalties as well. These penalties can stack up in cases of multiple violations.

Other changes to the law were more superficial. For instance, SB 1381 and AB 2370 change out the term “mental retardation” for “intellectual disability.” While critics might claim that this change is just “political correctness,” the language that we use to talk about ourselves and others can profoundly influence the way we think and act.

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