How Common Are Bay Area Bicycle Accidents?

From: a San Francisco Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A typical Bay Area bicycle accident lawyer can quickly rattle off disturbing statistics about bike crashes in the San Francisco, Bay Area. For instance, in 2010, 618 people lost their lives in bike crashes in the U.S. That marked a major decrease (believe it or not) from the 1995 fatality numbers (830).

Likewise, 52,000 people got hurt riding bikes in 2010, per the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. But that large number still represents a decrease from the 1995 number of 61,000. The National Safety Council estimates that bike accident-related fatalities and injuries cost more than $4 billion annually, when you factor in hospital costs, lost work and so forth.

Most people who die in bike crashes are male (nearly 9 out of 10), and the age of people killed in fatal accidents has spiked over the past 10 years. In 2009, the average age was 41 years. Back in 1988, the average age was 24. This potentially suggests that a generation of bikers (who are now entering middle age) may not have been trained effectively – that is, taught to wear helmets, reflective clothing, etc. Or the statistics could suggest another story.

That’s an important point: Bicycle accident statistics taken out of context can be made to appear to tell a variety of stories.

Even when scientists and journalists really try to get objective and to “avoid telling stories” — to just let the numbers “speak for themselves” — interpretation problems inevitably creep in.

So what does all this mean, if you’ve recently been injured in an accident in the Bay Area?

You should minimize the assumptions that you make about your crash – why it happened, who is to blame, what ultimately caused it. Let an experienced bicycle accident lawyer – ideally assisted by a very solid investigative team – help you get the facts and construct your case.

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