What Causes Bay Area Commercial Truck Accidents?

Protecting Yourself From San Francisco Truck Accidents

You or someone you love got hurt in a commercial truck accident. You’re searching for a San Francisco injury attorney, perhaps because an insurance company is giving you the run around.

To make sense of what happened, you need to find out the root cause of your accident with the truck.

Eighteen wheelers and other large commercial trucks can cause astonishingly devastation. A truck that weighs 24 tons that crashes into your vehicle at 60 miles per hour imparts as much force as a 2.4 ton sedan would impart if it hit you at 600 miles per hour!

Why do big commercial truck accidents happen in San Francisco?

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For instance, perhaps you drove into the commercial truck’s no-zone or pulled in front of a truck too quickly. Maybe you or the truck driver failed to slow down or speed up during a lane change. Perhaps someone passed unsafely, misjudged a vehicle’s speed at an intersection, or got blown by air turbulence.

The truck driver himself (or herself) may have lacked training. The trucking industry’s compensation system also encourages drivers to clock a lot of hours. It thus incentivizes truck drivers to “stay awake” by using energy drinks and other drugs, both legal and illegal. The system also incentivizes truckers to drive faster than prudence would recommend. San Francisco trucking companies can also impose scary deadlines on drivers, who want to fulfill their service requirements and (keep their jobs). They thus take safety risks to hurry along.

But San Francisco truck drivers are not the only blameworthy parties.

For instance, maybe the maintenance crew or manufacturer of the truck that hit you erred. Maybe they failed to a beta test a part or spot a faulty tire or braking component.

Perhaps a local California municipality helped to create the situation by failing to engineer safe roads or by posting confusing signage that led to the crash.

Identifying the root cause, getting clarity on what to do next

An San Francisco truck accident attorney with the Law Offices of Daniel Vega can help you understand what went wrong and why. We can craft a sensible, effective, and step-by-step strategy to get you compensation and ensure that justice is done.

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