San Francisco Personal Injury Claim: Whiplash

Personal Injury from a San Francisco Auto Accident

Victims in auto crashes, slip and falls, sports injuries, and workplace accidents often experience a horrific condition known as whiplash. This soft tissue ailment afflicts thousands of people in San Francisco and beyond, and it typically shows up after car accidents and falls.

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Symptoms of whiplash include stiffness in the neck, headaches, dizziness, shoulder and back pain, trouble sleeping, blurred vision, tingling in the arms, and more. These symptoms may not develop immediately after an accident. So you can get injured, and you may not even “realize it.”

What causes whiplash, and what should be done about it?

Whiplash can lead to chronic medical crisis. Many “whiplash survivors” report spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, out of pocket, on braces, procedures, surgeries, and counseling. But some so-called “whiplash skeptics” suggest that the problem is overblown.

For instance, Dr. Andrew Malleson of the University of Toronto, a high-profile whiplash critic, points to the famous Norwegian-Lithuanian study, which compared whiplash incidents in Norway with similar incidents in Lithuania. At the time of the study, Norway had been beset by a massive epidemic of whiplash – nearly 70,000 people out of a population of just 4.5 million developed the symptoms. Researchers compared that group with a control group of drivers from Lithuania, who suffered similar car accidents but never got diagnosed with whiplash. Dr. Malleson and other critics have cited this study and others like it to make the case that whiplash “isn’t real” — that it’s effectively a psychological phenomenon.

Regardless of what the science ultimately tells us about the causes and treatments of whiplash, our Bay Area injury lawyers can assure you that victims suffer very real world costs, not to mention tremendous stress and agitation.

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