4 San Francisco Motorcycle Safety Tips

Avoiding Bay Area Motorcycle Accidents

San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyer Daniel Vega and his team understand that crashes take a toll not just on victims but also on families of injured people. So what can riders do to be safer on the road and reduce their likelihood for getting into serious injury crashes? Here are four important insights.

1. Consider going beyond the minimum requirements for your helmet.

There are plenty of places in life where “good enough” is truly good enough. But helmet safety may be one of the exceptions to this rule. Bikers are far more likely than other drivers to suffer concussions and other head injuries if they get into an accident. You might find it useful to invest in the highest quality motorcycle helmet that you can reasonably afford. Adjust and adapt your helmet, so that it fits comfortably and maximizes your protection and vision.

2. Instill safe riding habits.

Every decent article about motorcycle safety hammers on the point that safety starts before you turn the key in the ignition. Before you ride, check your oil, your lights, your controls, your tires, your brakes, etc. Motorcycle accident prevention is really a numbers game. You’re looking to minimize problems not just on one trip, but over a lifetime of trips. So write out – on paper – exactly what you will do both before you ride and after you ride, and make adjustments to this list on an ongoing basis.

3. Avoid driving in non-peak condition.

Obviously, you should abstain from motorcycling while under the influence, on powerful prescription medications, while exhausted or angry, etc. But you should also try to ride only when you’re really feeling alert – highly attentive to the road and vehicles around you.

4. Take note of near accidents and adjust your safety protocol accordingly.

Whether you nearly skidded out on a slippery newly-paved road; or you recently crashed at an intersection, figure out what went wrong – or what almost went wrong – and learn from it. Try to identify what you could have done better, so over time, you can be safer and safer.

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