Calculating Overtime Pay

Employment Law In The Bay Area

An employment lawyer with the Law Offices of Daniel Vega can help you figure out whether you’ve been unfairly docked overtime pay. Unfortunately, many workers in the Golden State and beyond work for a long time — often for years — at an unfairly low wage.

Employment LawFor instance, a restaurant manager may violate the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) overtime rules by failing to pay wait staff “time and a half” for working in excess of 40 hours a week. Often, overtime violations are subtle. These violations are known as “nickel and dime” violations. For instance, instead of getting $600 a week, you may only get $550 a week. Being “nickel and dimed” out of $50 a week may not seem like “that big a deal” in the scheme of things. But think big picture. Imagine you stay in your current job for three years. If you work, on average, 50 weeks a year, that means that you’re losing $2800 a year — or $7500 in total! — due to this “nickel and diming.” Then extrapolate and consider what’s happening with your co-workers. If you have 9 co-workers, and you’re all getting nickel-and-dimed at the same rate, over three years, that adds up to $75,000 in losses!

Calculating overtime in California can be confusing, even with the help of online tools. Different industries have different types of overtime exceptions, for instance. The nature of your work may mean that you’re not protected by the FLSA or by other pieces of similar legislation.

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