Winter Motorcycle Safety Tips

Do You Need A Bay Area Accident Lawyer?

Winter is one of the most treacherous times to be out on the road, no matter what vehicle you drive. As any experienced Bay Area motorcycle lawyer will sadly tell you, right around now is one of the “busiest” seasons for motorcycle personal injury law.

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Why? During the winter months, the roads get slick, wet, and unpredictable. The reduced intensity and angle of sunlight creates its own treachery. The colder, wetter weather can also challenge your motorcycle’s mechanics. Luckily, the right precautions will help prevent you from needing a Bay Area accident lawyer.

Here are some safety tips:

  1. Watch/read the weather report before you ride!
  2. Be sure that your bike is ready for whatever Old Man Winter throws at you. Be conservative.
  3. Get your bike tuned. If you haven’t recently inspected your muffler, your brakes, your tires, your transmission, and other key components, do so now. You don’t want to find out about a fault part while stuck on the side of the highway or rolled over in a ditch.
  4. Wear proper safety gear. 50% of motorcyclists still do not wear helmets. This is precarious behavior any time of the year. During winter, it can be doubly so.
  5. Learn how your bike reacts during wet, snowy and windy conditions. Train your emergency responses. If your bike suddenly fishtails on a wet highway, you won’t have time to think through the steps — you’ll just react intuitively. So train that intuition now — practice emergency maneuvers safely on a vacant parking lot.
  6. Drive defensively. Signal earlier than you might normally signal. Leave a comfortable space cushion between your bike and the vehicle in front of you.
  7. If your biking friends are too rowdy or adventurous, hang back or find new friends!
  8. Gear up, particularly for long trips. If you’re going to be traveling far from home, carry an emergency road kit, including food, medicines you might need, bike repair tools, etc.

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