Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

Workplace Discrimination Law and Pregnancy

An employment discrimination and harassment attorney with the Law Offices of Daniel Vega can help you deal with the terrible effects of pregnancy discrimination.

Workplace discrimination

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Preparing to have a new baby can be a wonderful, heady and exhausting time of life. While you’re busy feathering the nest — and going back and forth to a million OB/GYN appointments — you may lack the time or energy to deal with pregnancy discrimination issues. Here’s a quick primer on California employment laws that protect pregnant women as well as guidance on what to do, if you feel like your rights have been violated.

The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) in California states that pregnant women can take unpaid disability leave during any point of their pregnancy – including after they’ve given birth – if they’re unable to work due to medical problems, childbirth issues, or complications with the pregnancy. You can take up to four months off – even if you just started a job – as long as you work for an employer who has 5+ employees.

The California Family Rights Act (CFRA) allows you to take 12 weeks (on top of those four months) to bond with your baby. It applies only under certain conditions. For instance, CFRA applies if you’ve worked for a company for 12+ months, and your employer has over 50 employees within a radius of 75 miles.

The Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) also entitles you to take 12 weeks of unpaid leave not only to deal with a pregnancy health issue but also to care for a sick parent or child, and to bond with a new child. Similar restrictions to CFRA apply.

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What to Do If You Suspect Pregnancy Discrimination in California

An employment lawyer with the Law Offices of Daniel Vega would be happy to discuss your case in detail and provide a free, thorough, confidential consultation about your options. Our goal is to make your pregnancy less stressful, so you on concentrate on the generous and courageous act of bringing new life into the world.