Wet Road Driving Tips

Wet Road Driving Tips from a Bay Area Accident Attorney

driving in the rain in San Francisco

6 Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents

Regardless of how clean your driving history is, you can never rule out the possibility of getting into some sort of accident in the future. The roads are getting more congested each day and driver carelessness is at an all-time high. The weather is also a leading factor in car collisions because it can put even the safest driver at risk. Here are a few tips from a San Francisco auto accident lawyer.

1. Pay attention to your windshield wipers

A good number of crashes are caused by malfunctioning wipers. If your wipers show any sign of failing, we advise having them replaced before hitting the road. On the plus side, replacing your wipers is usually only a nominal cost.

2. Avoid driving on worn out tires

Winter can be a scary time for driving, especially with worn out tires. Replacing all four of your tires is understandably expensive, but considering how long the new set will last, covering the expense right before the wet season is completely worth it.

3. Avoid speeding and maintain a safe distance with the car in front of you

Applying instant breaks on a slippery road can be difficult and even dangerous. It could land you in a ditch or right in the rear of the car in front of you. To avoid such disasters, drive in a manageable speed range and maintain a safe following distance.

4. Foggy roads calls for extra caution

San Francisco is known for its fog. When the atmosphere is murky and the other cars on the road are not clearly visible, slow down, avoid passing other drivers whenever possible, and follow the tracks of the driver in front of you. The same applies to wet and slick roads.

5. Avoid flooded roads and large puddles

It’s difficult to estimate the depth of potholes when they are full with water, and any road with too many of them should be avoided when it rains. Floods can be dangerous as well, and alternative routes should be taken if possible.

6. Stop altogether if it’s raining too hard

Heavy rain can drastically reduce visibility, especially at night. If a storm picks up while you’re driving and restricts your vision to the point where you can no longer see the road, it is best to pull over and wait it out. Try to find a spot on a straightaway and use your four-ways so other drivers see you on the side of the road. This may cause you to get to your destination late, but it is much better than not getting home at all.

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Contact the Best San Francisco Accident Attorney in the Case of an Accident

The above tips can reduce your risk of getting involved in a car accident, especially if other drivers are safety-conscious as well. If however you sustain injuries caused by the carelessness of another driver on a wet road, contact Daniel Vega – a San Francisco personal injury lawyer – to help you through the legal process as you seek justice. Contact the Law Offices of Daniel Vega at (415) 287-2600 or via our online contact form.