What Documentation Can Help Wage Loss After an Accident?

Wage Loss Claim Tips

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Perhaps you got injured in a Bay Area car accident while delivering a product or driving to a sales convention. Or maybe you hurt yourself at work or suffered a chronic injury (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, tennis elbow, etc.). In any case, you want to preserve and protect your ability to file a wage loss claim.

What documentation should you collect and preserve to maximize your chances?

 1. Doctor’s medical form

Once you see your doctor — and you should see your doctor if you have been significantly injured! — he or she can authorize you to stay home from work to recover. This doctor’s authorization is a critical piece of the puzzle. Without this documentation, you could fall victim to charges that you are making a mountain out of a molehill.

 2. Employer letter indicating pay rate and salary

 Your employer should provide a written note documenting: 

  • Your salary;
  • How much injury time you took;
  • Whether or not you work overtime;
  • Whether or not you were due for a promotion or pay increase;
  • Any other relevant information.

This letter should be as specific as possible, and your employer should note any and all moneys owed to you or special circumstances. For instance, if you were due to work on a big business project right before the accident or event, the employer should note that in this letter.

3. Doctor’s work release form

Once you are healed enough to return to the job, your physician should provide a medical release form that says that you are healthy enough to re-assume your duties.

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