San Francisco’s Unique Terrain Puts Pedestrians at Risk

San Francisco Injury Attorney Examines City’s Geography and Dangers of Walking

Oakland Injury LawyerHilly terrain unexpectedly giving way to breathtaking vistas; narrow, circuitous roadways through picturesque neighborhoods; pedestrian malls and bike paths side-by-side with busy city streets—these unique features of San Francisco attract millions of tourists to the city every year. Unfortunately, they’re also the features that make the city’s roadways especially dangerous to those on foot, sometimes necessitating they call a pedestrian accident lawyer.

In 2014, 18 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in San Francisco, down slightly from 2013, when 21 pedestrians lost their lives. Citywide, more than a thousand pedestrians are injured each year, often suffering life-altering, debilitating injuries as well as significant financial damages.

Handling any type of auto accident without a personal injury attorney is never a good idea, but when it comes to pedestrian accidents, having a skilled attorney is especially important. That’s because even so-called “minor” pedestrian accidents can cause major injuries that lead to huge medical bills. They can also take a long time to settle, and the liable insurance company or driver may fight back hard or put up impediments to your collecting fair compensation.

Having an experienced pedestrian injury attorney means you can feel confident your rights are being protected every step of the way. Find an attorney as soon as possible to preserve critical evidence and witness statements.

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