Checklist of What to Do Right After Bicycle Accident

Advice from a Bay Area Injury Lawyer

San Francisco Accident LawyerCyclists have as a right to be on the road, just like motorists do. Unfortunately, when bicycle collisions happen, the results can often be catastrophic. The laws of physics are unforgiving, and bikes are at a major physical disadvantage during collisions. All cyclists should know what to do after an accident. Some cases will require the assistance of a bicycle accident lawyer. Having the necessary information ready can speed up the legal process. Keep these tips in mind:

1.     Call 911. No matter how minor an accident seems, whenever a car hits a cyclist and causes physical damage to a vehicle or a person, police should be contacted.

2.     Get the driver’s information. Write down all details from the driver’s license and insurance card. Get contact information from witnesses as well, and ask that they remain until the police arrive.

3.     Take pictures of the accident scene and of any injuries. A cell phone camera will do. If you’re too hurt to snap pictures, ask a witness or police officer.

4.     Make sure law enforcement files an incident report. Ask for the name and badge number of the reporting officer, and ask the officer(s) to speak to any present witnesses.

5.     Contact witnesses in the days following the accident to ask them to email their versions of what they saw.

6.     Get an estimate from a bike shop for a damage evaluation and repairs.

7.     Contact an accident attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help you work through the details.

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