Employment Rights Agency Accused of Workplace Violations

San Francisco Employment Lawyer Describes Unfair Hiring Practices

San Francisco harassment lawyersBay Area employment attorneys have been pondering an ironic story that’s recently gotten a fair share of media oxygen. Officials at the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing—the Golden State’s agency in charge of watchdogging unfair hiring practices—have themselves been accused of unfair hiring and promoting at the agency.

The State Personnel Board, which oversees these overseers, says that this ironic matter raises “serious concerns that civil service laws and rules pertaining to the selection of qualified candidates are being willfully ignored or disregarded by the DFEH’s personnel and management staff.” In particular, the Personnel Board expressed concern about the treatment of Angelina Endsley, an employee who received two promotions over a 17-month period, starting in August 2012, before obtaining a position as a Supervisor. Endsley’s hasty promotions prompted protests as well as a close examination of the entire department run by one director, Phyllis Cheng.

On a broader note, the fracas at DFEH highlights how bizarre/unfair hiring and promotion practices can create massive employment problems for workers, who may not even be aware of their options to seek recourse to correct issues and to protect themselves from retaliation.

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