What is Workplace Discrimination?

Harassment and Discrimination at Work

Many people falsely believe that discrimination only happens during the hiring or firing process, but workplace discrimination can occur during any aspect of employment. Unfortunately, the burden often falls on the individual worker to decide how to handle unfair treatment or an act of discrimination. Often, victims find it hard to ask for help or to know where to go to report discrimination. It is important that individuals contact an employment lawyer to represent them to protect their rights and simplify the process.

Workplace discrimination can happen at any point during employment and during any phase of the job. Discrimination can occur based on a wide range of identity categories like race, nationality, gender, disability, age, or religion. The scope of the problem is broad, and it’s likely that most cases go unreported. One survey found that up to 46% of all African American workers in this country believe that they have been subjected to unfair treatment from employers.

Hire the Right San Francisco Employment Lawyer

If you believe you have been subjected to workplace discrimination, consider contacting a harassment attorney to find out how you can get the justice you deserve. Unfair treatment of employees based on race, nationality, gender, disability, age, or religion is illegal, and an employment lawyer can protect your rights. The Law Offices of Daniel Vega fights workplace discrimination and personal injury cases in San Francisco Bay Area, including San Jose and Oakland. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how we can help: 415-287-6200.