What to Do When You’re Expecting… Pregnancy Discrimination

Rights of Expectant Mothers Described by a San Francisco Employment Lawyer

Oakland LawyerPregnancy is an exciting time that should not be overshadowed by the threat of discrimination and need for an attorney. It is illegal in California for an employer to make any judgments or to harass any employee based on pregnancy. You have the right to fair work conditions and paid leave for pregnancy related conditions.

In California, you are legally entitled to:

  • Up to four months of pregnancy disability leave (PDL). You are eligible, if you are qualified by a physician, as disabled during pregnancy. The approved period of leave does not have to be taken all at once. An attorney can help if your employer fails to provide paid leave under the appropriate conditions.

  • Up to 12 weeks of CFRA (California Family Rights Act) leave. You may be eligible for this form of leave in addition to four months of disability. People often refer to this as “maternity leave.” The purpose of this leave is to provide a mother with bonding time.

  • Reasonable accommodations at the workplace. Your employer must strive to accommodate your needs, if the pregnancy or medical conditions related to it prevent you from being able to work normally. To qualify for this protection, you must have a physician’s recommendation. Your harassment lawyer may advise you on the best course of action if your employer refuses to accommodate you or retaliates against you for making requests or complaining about bad treatment.

  • Information regarding your rights. Employers are required to provide you with your rights under pregnancy laws in California. They should post information in a clearly visible location.

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