Winter Safe Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

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Our San Francisco personal injury lawyers have seen way too many tragic and totally unnecessary winter truck driving cases. We want to educate drivers and truckers alike about best practices regarding winter driving to improve everyone’s road safety.

Here are 3 tips that might to help you avoid the need for a car accident lawyer:

1. Prepare yourself and your vehicle.

If you are a commercial trucker, your company probably mandates that you maintain an emergency checklist. But do you have an extra coat and clothing, food, jumper cables, flashlights, tire trains and traction mats? Go over your checklist every time you get behind the wheel – particularly for long trips. And make sure you have enough gas in the tank and that your fluids are filled appropriately!

2. Adopt and maintain safe driving habits.

For instance, when it snows or sleets, or you get trapped in other nasty winter weather, slow down, grip your steering wheel firmly in the 10-2 position, and allow yourself substantial space cushions when following other vehicles. Likewise, be on the lookout for special types of winter hazards, such as black ice and frosty bridges. Obey road signs, avoid drinking or taking prescription drugs or medication before getting behind the wheel, avoid driving while angry or fatigued, and never ever use your cellphone or mobile device behind the wheel. One study out of Virginia Tech a few years ago found that truckers who texted had accident rates 20 times worse than those of non-texting drivers.

3. Observe your driving habits and try to improve them over time.

Especially if you have been in an accident – or a near accident – pay attention to what went wrong and learn from mistakes. For instance, perhaps you nearly dozed off on a long, lazy corridor of I-5. Or maybe you noticed that when you get hungry on trips, you tend to space out and speed a bit. By understanding your own personal cues and behaviors, you will be able to prevent potential hazards before it’s too late!

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