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Pros and Cons of Using Mediation in a Personal Injury Claim

Bay Area Accident Attorney Discusses the Use of a Neutral Third Party to Resolve a Dispute

San Francisco Personal Injury AttorneyMediation can lead to a quicker and less stressful resolution in a personal injury lawsuit than the litigation process (“going to court”), which requires an injury attorney. Whether someone rear-ended you at a stoplight and gave you a bad case of whiplash, or an out of control trucker skated off the freeway and sideswiped your vehicle, here’s a quick primer on the process.

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Do I Have the Right to File a Lawsuit Against a Third Party?

If you or a family member was recently hurt at a job or at a work site in Northern California, you might be entitled to more than just workers’ compensation benefits!

Depending on what happened, you could also have the right to file a lawsuit against a third party that either caused or indirectly contributed to what happened to you. Unfortunately, many injured victims never learn about this option. And even when they understand that it might be available, they often fail to pursue it because their workers’ comp attorney lacks the capacity or know-how to follow through. Continue reading