California Bicycle and Auto Safety in 2014

Preventing Personal Injury in the Bay Area

As auto accident attorneys, it’s our job at the Law Offices of Daniel Vega to educate the public about any new laws and regulations regarding bicycle and motor vehicle safety. Last September, the Golden State passed a new rule designed to help automobiles and bicycles “get along better” on the road by requiring motorists to keep a 3-foot distance between their vehicle and any bicycle when both vehicles head in the same direction. The California DMV says that a vehicle may pass a bike only “when no danger is present to the bicyclist.”

Steven Bradford, a Gardena assemblyman, introduced the law to reduce collisions and other unfortunate traffic events involving bicyclists and automobiles. Prior to this legal clarification, motorists simply had to pass bicycles at a safe distance. Now, drivers must also examine weather conditions, road conditions, and other salient factors prior to making a pass.

In theory, clarifying the rules by which bicycles and automobiles should interact with each other on the road should improve safety. However, identifying a 3-foot gap from behind the wheel might be easier said than done. Many bicyclists aren’t convinced drivers will be capable of identifying what would be considered safe passage under the new law. It’s all up for interpretation.

This theoretical discussion aside, if you got hurt in a car or bicycle crash in California, you’ll want to talk to a personal injury lawyer to determine what exactly caused your crash, who (or what) is responsible, and what you can do to obtain fair compensation and justice after what’s happened to you.

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