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Are Commercial Truck Collisions On The Rise?

The truck accident attorneys here at Vega Law are still reeling from the awful FedEx-bus collision several months ago that killed 10 people on Interstate 5 near Orland, CA.

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In case you missed the story, a FedEx truck caught fire, veered across several lanes of traffic and collided head on into a bus carrying 44 people, including many high school students. Both the FedEx driver and the bus driver died, as did three adults and five students on the bus. Investigators and officials with California Highway Patrol (CHP) still don’t know exactly what happened. Was the FedEx driver talking on a cell phone? Did something malfunction with his vehicle? Was the FedEx driver spooked by something in his lane? What caused the fire on the FedEx truck? Why did he cross over the center divider?

The tragedy highlights the complexity of bus and commercial truck crashes. When these accidents do happen, they are usually catastrophic. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Commercial Motor Vehicle Facts sheet, there were 4,018 fatalities and 112,000 injuries in large truck and bus crashes for the year 2011. And, unfortunately, these numbers have been on the rise over the last five years. This tragedy also illustrates why victims and their families need the services of Bay Area personal injury lawyers. In this large, prominent case, investigators are obviously taking their time and doing a meticulous analysis. But in more minor accidents, victims or their families may need to act rapidly to preserve evidence, start the legal process, and prevent insurance companies or potential defendants from establishing a proactive stonewall defense.

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We send our deep condolences to the family members who lost loved ones in the FedEx-bus crash.